Anecdotal Histories of St. Augustine, Legends and Tales – Karen Harvey

Anecdotal Histories of St. Augustine

Legends and Tales I is a collection of anecdotal histories written and originally published in newspaper form before book publication. These memories reveal that the history of St. Augustine is not always in the recorded facts, but rather in the hearts and minds of the local citizens.
From stories about the early days of baseball and St. Augustine’s strongest man, to the history of the area’s African American population and the civil right movement.  L.O. Davis offers insights in the police work as well as many humorous stories.Anecdotal Histories of St. Augustine

Norton Baskin talks about his wife, the famous Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for her book, The Yearling. Baskin recalled the making of the moved “Cross Creek” staring Mary Steenburgen as Marjorie and Peter Coyote as Baskin.  Legends I offers insight from a unique, often-overlooked perspective.

This second volume of anecdotal histories continues to uncover the multilayered history of St. Augustine. These historical vignettes, originally published in the St. Augustine Record will delight and entertain residents and visitors alike.

Written in a conversational style that is accessible and easy-going, Harvey brings the reader face to face with some of St. Augustine’s most interesting characters.  The resulting narrative allows the storyteller to paint a picture of the “oldest city” that is rarely found in other written histories.

Included in the compilation are sections about the history of the African American community in St. Augustine and accounts from the city’s legendary “Mr. St. Johns County,” Dan Mickler. Legends II continues to open doors to St. Augustine’s vast history.  If you enjoy anecdotal histories, these two volumes will fill your time with some of the most colorful recollections you can imagine.