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Florida’s First Presbyterians

Florida’s First Presbyterians

 A Celebration of 175 Years in St. Augustine. (1824-1999)

Florida’s first Presbyterians formed St. Augustine’s Presbyterian church in 1824 as the second Protestant religion in the territory acquired by the United States in 1821. (The Episcopalians were first.) Florida’s First PresbyteriansThe little congregation numbered around 40 when Henry Morrison Flagler came to town and ushered in the Golden Era. His memorial to his beloved daughter Jennie Louise became the new home to the Presbyterian congregation. The unique Venetian Renaissance sanctuary now houses a congregation of approximately 800.

The book tells the history of the congregation as well as the church with several home-spun tales from long-time members included as spice.

All proceeds from sales of this book go directly to Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Augustine, FL.

America’s First City – St. Augustine

America’s First City: St. Augustine’s Historic Neighborhoods


America’s First City was based on a survey of historic and architecturally significant sites and houses within the city limits of St. Augustine. It was conducted from 1970 to 1981 by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board. America's First City - Karen HarveyThe results were compiled into a 33-part series inThe St. Augustine Record which ran from September 1980 to May 1981 written by Harvey and later edited into book form. It is divided into neighborhoods permitting readers easy access to information they walk through the historic streets of St. Augustine.

In addition to specific houses and sites, the book covers a number of topics including family-run businesses, women, walls, streets and monuments.