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Florida’s First Presbyterians

Florida’s First Presbyterians

 A Celebration of 175 Years in St. Augustine. (1824-1999)

Florida’s first Presbyterians formed St. Augustine’s Presbyterian church in 1824 as the second Protestant religion in the territory acquired by the United States in 1821. (The Episcopalians were first.) Florida’s First PresbyteriansThe little congregation numbered around 40 when Henry Morrison Flagler came to town and ushered in the Golden Era. His memorial to his beloved daughter Jennie Louise became the new home to the Presbyterian congregation. The unique Venetian Renaissance sanctuary now houses a congregation of approximately 800.

The book tells the history of the congregation as well as the church with several home-spun tales from long-time members included as spice.

All proceeds from sales of this book go directly to Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Augustine, FL.

America’s First City – St. Augustine

America’s First City: St. Augustine’s Historic Neighborhoods


America’s First City was based on a survey of historic and architecturally significant sites and houses within the city limits of St. Augustine. It was conducted from 1970 to 1981 by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board. America's First City - Karen HarveyThe results were compiled into a 33-part series inThe St. Augustine Record which ran from September 1980 to May 1981 written by Harvey and later edited into book form. It is divided into neighborhoods permitting readers easy access to information they walk through the historic streets of St. Augustine.

In addition to specific houses and sites, the book covers a number of topics including family-run businesses, women, walls, streets and monuments.

Daring Daughters – A History of Women in St. Augustine – Karen Harvey

Daring Daughters

St. Augustine’s Feisty Females

Daring Daughters brings to life the timeless stories of women who over the centuries have faced adversity with courage, character and often humor. The tragedy of September 11, 2001, awakened the Western world to the atrocities inflicted on Islamic women. Daring Daughters - Karen Harvey, St. AugustineThough far less shocking, this collection of 20 stories spans a wide spectrum of time putting the plight of the oppressed into perspective.

The book opens with Antonia, the first Native American woman to be mentioned by name in European history journals. Lola Sanchez performs a heroic ride during the Civil War and Manuela Mickler is the poker-playing Minorcan Mama. Enterprising “Women Within” prove their worth at the Ximénez-Fatio house, and Lucy Abbott develops North City’s Abbott Tract. Kat Twine is a black woman who gets thrown into jail during the 1960s Civil Rights movement. Ramelle Petroglou fights City Hall to become the first female mayor and Peggy Reddy takes her place as the first female County Court judge.

The women presented in Daring Daughters found a way to live their lives as they desired. Some overcame obstacles; some created their own road blocks while seeking a dream. Whether their historic contributions were by default or intent, they left their mark. All of them were survivors.  Daring Daughters – a history of women in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine and St. Johns County: A Pictorial History

St. Augustine and St. Johns County: A Pictorial History

This coffee-table style pictorial was first published in 1980 (now in its ninth printing) by Donning Company Publishers of Norfolk, Virginia, the largest specialty pictorial history publisher in the United States. It is a summary of the rich history spanning more than four centuries of survival and success in St. Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City. Well-documented text succinctly describes historic events with maps, charts and illustrations depicting the earliest centuries and photographs focusing on life after the camera.Pictorial History of St. Augustine and St. Johns County

The book is divided into the natural time periods of St. Augustine’s history. The story of the arrival of the founder, Don Pedro Menédez de Avilés in 1565 lends credence to the claim of this settlement being older than the British counterparts of Jamestown, Virginia (established 1607) and Plymouth Colony (1620).

The short twenty-year British Period of 1763-1784 is given substance with attention placed on the families of the group known as Minorcans who arrived in St. Augustine in 1777 and to this day remain the core group of St. Augustine’s population.
The return of the Spanish and the arrival of the peninsula into the fold of the United States bring the book up to the Gilded Age of Henry Morrison Flagler. The story of growth and change continues until 1980.
The book remains popular with residents whose roots are deeply planted in the soil as well as newcomers eager to familiarize themselves with the town and with visitors wishing to take a bit of history home with them.

Oldest Ghosts – Karen Harvey, St. Augustine

The Oldest Ghosts of St. Augustine

Sometimes the best part of a story lies behind the scenes. Oldest Ghosts tells of actual phenomena occurring during tours conducted by the author or strange events revealed by friends. Tales of paranormal activity deal with unexplained fires, spiritual awareness through the senses of touch and smell as well as sight and hearing, ghost animals and spiritual experiences. A glossary of terms is included for reference.

This book tells the story behind the ghost tales of the long and illustrious history of the city of St. Augustine, the Ancient City